It’s National Doughnut Week 2017!

This week (6th-13th May) is National Doughnut Week! National Doughnut Week is a unique opportunity for bakers, cafes and coffee shops across the UK to raise funds for The Children’s

Red Wine Baked Doughnuts

Yes you really did read that correctly, Red Wine Baked Doughnuts recipe! This is a recipe for doughnuts made with red wine! The perfect snack for sophisticated ladies and I

Dairy Free Chocolate Baked Doughnuts

Last week I posted a new recipe for gluten free doughnuts and as they were so popular, I thought this week I’d come up with some dairy free ones 🙂 

Gluten Free Baked Iced Doughnuts

It’s hard to believe that these delicious, fluffy little rings of yum are gluten free, but they really are! They are also super easy and quick and to make.